About us

About us

Aircraft Industrial Company "Skyeton" was established by a group of engineers in 2006. The company effectively generates complex engineering solutions for the design and manufacturing of light aircrafts and unmanned aerial systems:
The decision to start producing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) was made when we (pilots ourselves) came to the conclusion that some tasks are too dangerous or not economically feasible for manned flight.

- light sports aircraft K-10 SWIFT

- unmanned aerial systems of the ACS series

The company "Skyeton" is certified as a developer and manufacturer of aeronautical products.

Throughout years of operations we’ve successfully supplied our company's products to Europe, North America, CIS and the Middle East.

While implementing a full cycle of development and production of aircraft, we use various, sometimes very unconventional ideas in order to find effective solutions to complex problems.

The production department of the company consists of 50 highly qualified specialists. The team of professional engineers is a core value of our company.

The mission of the company is the provision of complex turnkey solutions in aviation industry.